Orgelfrühling Steiermark

General Terms and Conditions

The General Terms and Conditions (GTC) apply as the basis for concluding contracts with the website operator, unifying for all transactions to be concluded.

Ticket Order and Advance Sale

By ordering tickets from Orgelfrühling Steiermark (OFS) via the operator of this website, at the latest upon conclusion of the contract by payment of the tickets to the same, the customer accepts the General Terms and Conditions.
All offers made by the OFS are subject to change unless expressly stated otherwise in the offer.
This applies to all advertisements on the internet, in the media, in brochures, etc.
Contracts between OFS and the client shall only be concluded upon payment of the tickets (receipt of the purchase price by OFS).

The customer's ticket order via this website shall be sent by email to the specified advance booking address.
After receipt of the ticket order, OFS will send the client a concrete offer by email, including a request for payment by bank transfer.
The customer accepts the offer by making payment by bank transfer to the account specified, whereby the bank receipt must be made in good time before the event in question and in compliance with the payment deadline specified by OFS in the offer.
In the event that tickets are ordered at short notice, the client must submit proof of payment in full (bank transfer confirmation) to OFS by email no later than 12:00 noon on the last working day before the event.
The tickets will be sent via email after receipt of payment or after receipt of the payment confirmation as an e-ticket.
If the customer does not pay in time before the event after the offer has been made, or does not pay within the noted payment deadline, the offer of OFS is invalid and the offered tickets will be put on sale again.

OFS accepts no liability for emails that are not transmitted, the late delivery of messages by the respective operator, or the loss of messages.
Likewise, OFS is not liable for delays or errors in the bank transfer due to the banking system.

Local Advance Ticket Sales

The respective partner institution is responsible for the correct handling of advance ticket sales via the local advance booking offices.
Tickets purchased through a local advance booking office do not entitle the holder to use the shuttle buses.

Ticket Sales for External Events

OFS is a festival organized and supported by several cooperating institutions.
The sale of tickets for events for which there is no online advance sale on this website via the specified advance sale email address of the website operator, does not fall under the responsibility of the website operator.
The general terms and conditions of the respective partner institution apply.
In the case of external events at OFS, this website refers to the relevant organizer's website wherever possible or to the necessary contact information.
This information is checked with the greatest possible care, however, the website operator assumes no responsibility for the content provided by third parties nor for their publications or contractual matters.

Box Office, Culture Passports

On the day of the concert, tickets can only be purchased at the box office as long as capacities are available.
Tickets at the box office can only be purchased in cash.
It is recommended to have the ticket price ready, if possible, as there is no entitlement to the presence of appropriate change.
Holders of the "Hunger auf Kunst & Kultur" Culture Passports will receive a free ticket on presentation of this passport and an ID card at the box office, in case of availability. If Culture Passport holders wish to use one of our OFS shuttle buses, they can send a reservation request by email to the advance booking address with reference to their Culture Passport, in order to obtain a seat (subject to availability).

Seat reservation in the shuttle bus

In case of booking concert tickets in advance via this website, it is possible to use a free shuttle bus for selected events outside of Graz, from Graz main station and back (subject to seat availability), if the customer specifies the reservation request when ordering tickets by email to the specified advance booking address.
However, there is no entitlement to a seat.
Available seats will be reserved by OFS after receipt of reservations from customers with paid e-tickets, subject to availability, in the order in which payment is received.
The customer must present the e-ticket on request on the shuttle bus.
The stated departure times of the buses must be adhered to as binding. In order to ensure the smooth running of the event day, busses cannot wait for late passengers.
If a reserved seat on the shuttle bus is no longer required by a customer, the customer agrees to inform OFS immediately by email, so that any seats that become free can be given to other concert visitors if applicable.

Scope of Contract

The scope of the contractual obligations to perform shall be determined exclusively by the specific offer made by OFS and these GTC.
Ancillary agreements which alter the scope of the contractual services shall require explicit confirmation.
Within the scope of the subject matter of the contract, OFS shall determine and be responsible for how the contract is executed.
Subsequent changes to an order shall not be possible after the contract has been concluded (payment of the purchase price).
There is no entitlement to the return or exchange of tickets for concerts not attended.
Upon receipt of the payment request and/or the e-ticket, the information contained (event, price, number of persons, place, date, time) must be checked immediately in your own interest. OFS accepts no responsibility for error-free issuance.
OFS will not provide any replacement for lost tickets.

Line-up and Program Changes, Rescheduling, Cancellation, Obstruction of View, Seating Arrangements

Insignificant line-up and program changes do not entitle the customer to withdraw from the contract, to return the tickets or to reduce the purchase price.
In the event of cancellation of an event that is within the scope of responsibility of the website operator, the purchase price will be refunded upon presentation of the ticket at the local advance booking office or upon return of the e-ticket to the advance booking e-mail address within a period of one month after the date of the event. The same applies if an event is moved to another date and the customer does not attend the event on this alternative date.
If an event already in progress has to be cancelled for reasons beyond the control of OFS, or if an event cannot be held at short notice due to force majeure, there shall be no entitlement to a refund of the purchase price.
At venues with a free choice of seats, there is no entitlement to a specific seat; in churches in particular, it must be expected that the view will be obstructed, in some cases considerably and in some cases completely. This entitles neither to a reduction nor to compensation or withdrawal. View obstructions may also occur due to cameras or technical setups. In individual cases, in the case of small venues, it must be expected that no more free seats will be available shortly before the start of the event. OFS reserves the right to expand or change seating arrangements if necessary. In individual cases, remaining seats may also be allocated from tickets issued in advance as standing room, which entitles neither to a reduction nor to compensation or withdrawal.

Catering, Receptions

Selected OFS events are accompanied by receptions and the like, for which the website operator assumes no legal responsibility, as they are organized by external partners or on a voluntary basis.
The purchase of a concert ticket entitles the holder to participate in such supporting program items, but there is no entitlement to their taking place.

Late Admission, Image and/or Sound Recordings

Late admission can only be granted during an event intermission. There is no late admission at events without an intermission.
Sound, photo, film and video recordings before, during and after the event on the event premises, including for private use, are prohibited. The website operator is entitled to take any recordings made in this way or, if technically possible, to delete them.
In the event that image or sound recordings are made during a performance by persons authorized to do so, the visitor agrees by purchasing the ticket that he or she may be recorded in image and/or sound and that the recordings may be published and used without any claim to remuneration or naming.

Privacy Policy / Miscellaneous

The privacy policy stated on this website is part of the General Terms and Conditions.
As a matter of principle, the customer makes use of the services of OFS at his or her own risk.
Concert visitors undertake to switch off all signal functions of electronic devices such as wristwatches, cell phones, etc. before the start of the event.
The instructions of the staff employed by the organizer must be followed.
It is not permitted to bring animals to the events.
There is no right to a parking space. As there are venues within the festival with very limited parking possibilities, it is recommended to take this into account when planning your arrival.

The law of the Republic of Austria applies, place of jurisdiction is Graz.
Should one or more provisions of these GTC be or become void in whole or in part, the validity of the other provisions shall remain unaffected.