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The House for Music and Music Theater ("MUMUTH") is a central event building of the Graz University of the Arts (KUG).
Since its opening in March 2009, concerts featuring KUG students have been held there.

The Györgi Ligeti Hall is highly variable, both acoustically and spatially, and thus offers numerous possibilities for the performance of a wide variety of art forms.

In 2010, the MUMUTH was awarded the Fischer von Erlach Prize and the Urban Land Institute Award, and shortly thereafter also received recognition at the Architecture Prize of the Province of Styria.

The Dutch architectural firm UNStudio by Ben van Berkel is responsible for the construction.

The project was already exhibited at the Venice Biennale as the Austrian contribution.

Concert Streams

Malleus Maleficarum – ein Tutorial

Theatre & E-organ
Wednesday, 19:30

Short MUMUTH Concert

Nikola Cerovečki plays Bach I
Sunday, 16:00

Short MUMUTH Concert

Nikola Cerovečki plays Bach II
Wednesday, 20:00

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"Twist" at MUMUTH Graz

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