Orgelfrühling Steiermark

Welcome to Orgelfrühling Steiermark!

Our new season started on April 5, with the world premiere of SJ Hanke's "Traumnovelle" in the Graz MUMUTH.

The motto of this year's Orgelfrühling Steiermark Festival is "Dreamtime".

You can find all our concerts and further information in our festival schedule.

Please note that our e-ticket pre-sale generally ends two working days before the respective concert.
(We cannot guarantee a later ticket reservation or booking at the advance booking price).

If you are interested in several events of the Orgelfrühling festival, you can also take advantage of our festival pass to visit all concerts of our festival for a one-off fee of €70!

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Highlights from 2023

If you would like to read some illustrated press reports (in German) about last year's festival, please take a look at an ORF report on the concert "Bach in Straßengel" with Gunther Rost and the Trio Lézard or the online review of the closing concert 2023 with 4D Barock in the Graz Herz-Jesu Church:

ORF report

concert review "4D Barock"

4D Barock

The two Handel organ concertos from the concert with 4D Barock, as well as BIRDS GONE ASTRAY by SJ Hanke, premiered at the Orgelfrühling Festival 2023, conducted by soloist Gunther Rost, are now available to listen to and watch back on YouTube:

Concerto F major, HWV 295

Gunther Rost, 4D Barock

Concerto B-flat major, HWV 306

Gunther Rost, 4D Barock


Gunther Rost, 4D Barock