Orgelfrühling Steiermark

Orgelfrühling Steiermark

In 2011, Gunther Rost took over as artistic director of the annual concert series "Orgelfrühling in Herz-Jesu", formerly organized by Fritz Haselwander and Graz, Herz-Jesu Church.

In 2012 he expanded it, supported by the Province of Styria and the City of Graz, with the commitment of the Graz University of Arts and private initiatives, to "Grazer Orgelfrühling": for the first time, in addition to the historic Walcker organ of the Herz-Jesu Church, other organs in Graz, especially the mobile organs at the Centre for Organ Research, were used. International guest organists performed alongside outstanding students and graduates of the University of Music and Performing Arts Graz, and the program was expanded by courses and cross-genre projects.

From the beginning, the festival's programmatic goal was not only to present the organ as a solo instrument in its usual context, but also, for example, as a solo instrument with orchestra and in combination with drama and other art forms.

In 2017, the festival also took place outside of Graz for the first time under the name "Orgelfrühling Steiermark", presenting selected historical and modern organs of the Styrian regions.

Orgelfrühling Steiermark is especially dedicated to the combination of organ and literature and initiates new compositions and transcriptions for the instrument.

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