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"Hundertwasser Church"

The Bärnbach parish church of St. Barbara was built in the post-war period and redesigned in 1987/1988 by the Austrian artist Friedensreich Hundertwasser. In 2016, the tower roof and the six spheres were newly gilded.

Due to its unique design, the listed building is now widely known as the "Hundertwasser Church".


The town of Bärnbach, once known for coal mining and glass production, has developed into a residential town with a wide range of art and culture.

Renowned artists have left their mark here and made art & culture tangible.
Probably the best known is the 'Hundertwasser' Church of St. Barbara.
Only 150 meters away you will find the facade of the New Middle School designed by Zeppel-Sperl.
And right next to it in the city park, the Moses Fountain by Ernst Fuchs is a colorful experience.

On the northern outskirts of Bärnbach there is also the Alt-Kainach Castle, which houses the castle museum. In addition, the popular Schlossbad Bärnbach invites you to cool off on hot days.

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Church of St. Barbara

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